The domain name, “,” has been privately owned - and in continuous use - since January 1991. Internet historians have estimated that at the beginning of 1991, fewer than 1500 of the 120 million plus dot-coms existed.

Back then, the user-friendly “World Wide Web” - as it is known today - was still in a beta phase of sorts, so the general public didn't know what the internet was, let alone how to register a domain name. In fact, billions of dollars worth of names, like “,” were yet to materialize.

Web Properties

I'll assume many of you have arrived here after investigating one of my other web properties awaiting development, some of which are included below:

For those who wish to make a professional enquiry, or to just say, “hello,” feel free to do so. My contact address is on this page. :)

Personal Information

My first name is Gary... but I've always been called by my middle name, Shane. I like to experiment with code and graphic design, and can spend countless hours working on projects with no particular objective in mind.


Like many people who like graphics programming, I'm formally trained in the sciences - In my case, Maths and Physics.